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Getting off on… or perhaps more appropriately …landing on the right foot, is the only way to begin your travels in Nicaragua. To be certain of that, we'll have our executive van and english-fluent, professional driver there to greet you with a warm bienvenidos (welcome) and a cold beverage.

el sur


Don't be in a hurryto run from th capital. See Managua to take advantage of, and explore the sites, culture, dining and entertainment possibilities that only a cosmopolitan urban centre can present. Managua's been through a lot but, its lustre is returning with a passion.

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Colonial Granada, with its warm welcome, jovial atmosphere, rich history and enchanting architecture… it delights and captivates everyone. We recommend at least three days in the area if your time budget permits.


Where in the world can you find two volcanoes connected by an isthmus, in the middle of a freshwater lake? Nicaragua. That's right. Ometepe. Pastoral, relaxed, rural Ometepe. You can hike volcanos, or you can admire them from a hammock or beach. Kilometres of sandy beach at Playa Santa Domingo. Go slow, enjoy the flow.

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San Juan del Sur

This beautiful fishing village turned tourist town boasts surfing, fishing, affordable hotels and good food variety enveloped by natural splendor. The sunsets are legendary and so is the nightlife with a variety of lively bars and restaurants along the coastal road and more adventure within town.

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el norte

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Nicaragua's university city, hotbed of the intellect, where revolutions are born. Second largest city in Nicaragua. The jumping off spot to volcano hiking/boarding at Cerro Negro, or beachlife at Poneloya/Las Penitas. just 40 minutes away.


You're in coffee country now. A large part of the economy in Matagalpa depends on eco-tourism. Nature hikes, walks, and excursions are very common throughout Matagalpa, and the northern region on Nicaragua. One of the most recognized eco-tourism sites is Selva Negra Wildlife Refuge, with over 121 ha (300 acres) of land dedicated to the conservation of the area's diverse flora and fauna

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Estelí was the scene of heavy fighting during the Sandinista Revolution. The city was heavily air-bombed by the regime's National Guard, which reduced many of the city's buildings to rubble.

Today, Estelí is renown for award winning cigars and nature reserves around the area such as Miraflor and Tisey-Estanzuela.

Rio San Juan

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San Carlos

Where the waters of the great lake Cocibolca begin their 190 kilometre journey to the Caribbean Sea. This is the inland water's mouth of our northern amazonia, and the jumping off point to all river travel.

El Castillo

El Castillo de la Inmaculada Concepción, located on the Rio San Juan de Nicaragua, was built in the 1670s to protect Lake Nicaragua and its richest port at Granada. Construction began shortly after an attempt was made by the pirate Gallardito to take control of the port of Granada.

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The Solentiname Archipelago is situated in the south of Lake Nicaragua near San Carlos in the Rio San Juan region. There are 36 Islands but only a handful are inhabited. Remote, peaceful and memorable only begin to describe their value.

Las Islas de Maiz/ the Corn Islands

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Big Corn Island

Big Corn Island was originally colonized by the British, and most native islanders have more in common culturally with other English-speaking Caribbean islands than they do with the mainland of Nicaragua. Snorkelling, scuba diving, and ocean fishing are all excellent.

Little Corn Island

Less than 2 square kilometres in area, 50 kilometres offshore from mainland Nicaragua, lies this little Caribbean paradise, home to fewer than a thousand native residents who are waiting with a warm welcome.

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