Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo

The Laguna de Apoyo is a crater lake. Once a volcano, millenia ago, it collapsed or imploded. Today, that caldera, is a stunning recreational-natural area with little development and considerable restrictions against that changing. There are no motorized watercraft permitted on its waters. It's very quiet, clean, warm and very, very deep. The deepest measured point is some 200m /600ft, which makes it the lowest point in Central America.

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San Simian Eco Lodge

"Came here with friends for the day from Granada. Beautiful spot on the lake, very pleasant staff, good food, and cold beverages. Very happy to have come here and checked it out."

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Kayaking, inner tubing...

"San Simian is about playing in the lake or floating on their inner tubes, or exploring in their kayaks. The lake is absolutely gorgeous and warm enough that you can stay in the water forever, which our kids did. Just don't forget to reapply sunscreen."

New floating dock

"The water is always warm and I love a tranquil early morning swim listening to the call of the howler monkeys floating across the water. There are kayaks and inner tubes for paddling or floating. The new floating dock is a welcome addition!"

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The lake is a dream

"The whole lodge is situated on a hill sloping down to the lake with beautiful gardens and plenty of chill places to hang out. The lake itself is a dream. The water was beautifully clean and the floating dock, kayaks and inner tubes made for lots of good times. "

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