let's make comida Nicaragüense

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Friday nights Maria and her family gather in the kitchen to make nacatamales. They'll prepare enough each week to satisfy the breakfast appetite of the barrio and beyond. We'll sit in and see how it's done...


Twice a day Rosa and her family prepare tortillas over a woodfire in a corner of the kitchen. We'll drop in for a peek as she prepares the morning, or dinner tortilla. You can try your hand at throwing a tortilla, or just enjoy a hot, fresh tortilla while we watch.

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We'll join Chilo in the cocina and see how this delicious dish is prepared. Later in the day we'll return to the scene of the sabor and sit down to enjoy this Nicaraguan specialidad. Make some notes, take some photos. You'll want to prepare this dish for friends and family at home.

Now we're cookin'… let's go.

we're in the kitchen with Maria, Rosa and Chilo and we're just moments
away from the secrets of the comida Nicaragüense. We'll hands on prepare
baho, tortillas or nacatamales, you choose. We'll provide the recipe
so you can try this again at home.
Tour includes sameday, takeaway tortillas/ or same day
dinner of baho/ or next day breakfast of nacatamales
[ Minimum of two persons required to confirm a tour ]

Let's get started. What's on your mind.
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